April 2, 2019


Silk Road – The China Story
18 Days Spectacle to reconstruct the past and experience the present of what’s left of the worlds oldest trade route.

Dear Friends,

The Silk Roads were an interconnected web of routes linking China, India, Central Asia, Western Asia and Europe and contributed to the development of many of the world’s great civilizations. While it represents the worlds oldest trade corridor, stretching about 9500 kilometers from Xi’an to Istanbul this program is limited to the Chinese leg of the Silk road which makes up half of its length and the most interesting phase.

Designed from a Chinese perspective the program unravels intriguing mysteries of the silk road.. what was its cultural- geography ? who were the people behind it ? why did they build it ? what went into developing it ? who used it ? what was life like ? what did they use it for ? how did it last for 2000 years ? why was it lost ? how did it impact China ?

Based in comfortable hotels and inns and after insightful lectures we travel by bullet trains, ordinary trains, cars, buses, camels and donkey carts to explore ruins, sand dunes, grottos, monuments, temples, bazaars, mosques, graves, museums and homes to reconstruct ancient cities, feel the distance, experience life of people in bygone times, talk to mummies, study art, learn philosophy, taste local food, hunt for antiques and share moments with ethnic people.

This eighteen days program is a unique art form of sensing this region’s glorious heritage by reading, listening, seeing, touching, tasting and sharing experiences with the group over a drink. Many days of passionate work has gone into research, design and development before it is presented with love to my good friends and patrons of my art.

This document contains notes and drawing from my field research and readings on History, Archaeology and culture of Silk Roads between 2009 & 2013,

We hope you enjoy it.